A course for growth-seeking entrepreneurs who are ready to step into more visibility, grow their business and feel freedom and ease while doing so.

Do you feel a sense of aliveness when you’re working on growing your business, or does it feel draaaaining?

Are you taking powerful action forward on a consistent basis and loving the results you’re getting?

Do you have full permission to grow your business as large as you’d like to?

The truth is, your big ol’ lovely heart and intention are in the right place. You pour your expertise and care into your clients, you show up on social media and devote life-force energy to your beautiful dream. But when it comes to growing and scaling your business, and owning the spotlight of success, the road gets bumpy.

It’s about what it took to make it this far.

Stress, trauma, and abuse can live in the body and get triggered when we step out of our comfort zones. That accident we had, the loved one we lost, the painful embarrassing experience we had in our early working life can live on. So can the points in our childhoods where our needs weren’t met, where we weren’t seen or heard, or where we experienced abuse or neglect. All these remnants of our early experience show up in our businesses. All because we’re human.

When we sidestep our inner work, we keep. hitting. dead. ends.

So we have a few questions for you: Are you ready to emerge from your past? Are you ready to take your place among your highly successful peers? Are you ready to let your past truly be your history and step into the vibrant, powerful entrepreneur that you are?

If you’re reading this, you’re here for a reason. You’re ready to rock it. Honor that impulse and flourish.

Here’s how: Become aware of how imprints of stress, trauma, and abuse show up for you and your business. Gain the tools to know exactly what to do when they do. Know your strengths so you can sneak up on trauma gremlins before they sneak up on you.

Because our business is asking us to heal.

Stress, trauma, and abuse affect our nervous system, affect how we respond to transition, affect how we let ourselves be seen. They affect how much money rolls in, how we conduct our marketing, and how we respond to growth in our businesses.

And this is only the half of it. It can show up in sneaky ways that have long-term effects on our well-being:

Anxiety, procrastination, imposter syndrome, overwhelm, not following through, fatigue, unpredictable emotions, digestive and inflammation issues…these may all be responses to stress, trauma, and abuse that appear when we experience expansion and success.

Overall statistically, those who have experienced stress, trauma or abuse have a harder time managing reactivity, stepping into greater visibility, and acting on their own behalf—all crucial skills to be the entrepreneur you’re meant to be.

Nothing will work unless you do.

– Maya Angelou

Heck ya, I'm ready to join in!

Show me all the love and support I need for growing my business.

What Is Trauma? Understanding Our Hardwired Responses To Stress & Abuse

Presented by Suzie Gruber

You spent hours preparing for that presentation.  You know the material cold and yet you froze in the middle of it.  Sound familiar?  You work way too hard and yet you can’t seem to let go of anything on your to-do list because it just won’t get done right.

Ever wonder why we all have these unpleasant experiences that keep us from thriving?  The answer might be a piece of your history that is still alive and kicking in the present.  Learn about how trauma and our hard-wired stress responses can take over our behavior.

Energy Management for Entrepreneurs: Getting Real About How Stress, Trauma and Abuse Impact Success

Presented by Jen Julius

Jen will share how to examine the techniques you already use to “manage your energy” and evaluate if they are still in your highest good—or not.  She will offer tools to help you manage stress more effectively so you can speed up your success and maximize your impact!

With no topic off limits, Jen will tackle how one of our most common “coping strategies” in the American culture can start off helpful, but end up incredibly destructive. By exploring how you are “built,” Jen will offer tools to help you manage stress more effectively (in a way that works for your unique-ness) so you can speed up your success and maximize your impact!

A powerful course you that can truly change your course.

Join hundreds of heart centered entrepreneurs in creating the business you’re meant to have. It’s all about lightening up and letting go of the effects of stress, trauma and abuse in your business. You deserve all the support you need. And trust us, you’re totally worth it.

Why Marketing Makes You Crazy & What You Can do About It

Presented by Linda Basso

In this lesson we’ll look at how growing your business makes you feel crazy and what to do.  We’ll look at why otherwise sane and intelligent entrepreneurs get stuck in indecision or anxiety when they increase their visibility.

Add in stress, trauma or former abuse and this is doubly true. But there’s lots you can do! Learn tools to create business growth with ease and grace. Nope, marketing doesn’t have to make you crazy!

Sacred Money Tools for Stressed Out Entrepreneurs: Step Out Of Dysfunction and Into the New Money Paradigm

Presented by Audra Grady

In this session we’ll look at how trauma, addiction, and dysfunctional family systems actually set you up for ongoing symptoms of survival mode in your business. We’ll look at how you can create a new relationship to money that is based on a healthy, functioning system in your business and yourself.

We’ll declare your self-worth and complete cycles of abuse so you can bring in the clients and compensation that you deserve. Bye-bye shame and imposter syndrome — you’ll get the tools to allow abundance to roll in.

Using Your Triggers To Unlock Your Momentum

Presented by Kate Pintor

In this lesson, we’ll get you back feeling empowered and motivated–killing it in your business. So when a client expresses disappointment or changes a deadline you don’t have to freeze or compose ten different emails in response and delete them all…

All because you’ll know exactly what you need to do. You’ll be calm, cool and collected in the face of the unexpected. You’ll learn the four common mistakes entrepreneurs make that sabotage their momentum and how to stay resilient all year long.

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Suzie Gruber, M.A., SEP., holds advanced degrees in chemistry & psychology. She spent 15 years in biotechnology before returning to her first love, helping people transform their lives. A Somatic Experiencing and a Neuroaffective Relational Model Practitioner in private practice in Sebastopol, CA, Suzie leads seminars that teach people about our hard-wired response to stress and trauma’s legacy imprints, unlocking the keys to puzzling beliefs and behavior.

Jen Julius, MA is the Founder of Conscious Choice for Change, and specializes in teaching the Energetics of Leadership, Health, and Success. Having personally battled an addiction and eating disorder, then redirecting her intense energy to obtain her Masters Degree at 24 years old, she understands the challenges many people face- but don’t want to admit. After working with youth in the K-12, juvenile probation, and social services settings, she wanted to make a bigger impact by working with business-owning parents and helping them understand the huge impact they are having on their staff, family, and community- and how to be in integrity with that power and responsibility while maximizing their impact.

Linda is a marketing coach with a spiritual attitude that supports entrepreneurs in growing their businesses, their impact and their revenue. Her four pillars of spiritual marketing can help you get the results you want, be real and have fun while you do it. For 22 years she has created brands and campaigns for Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Jamba Juice, Disney, and many small businesses. She has helped her clients win many awards, along with placements in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, and the front cover of WIRED magazine.

After 10 years in higher education, mentoring and coaching over a 1,000 students, Audra Grady stepped out on her own. With a Masters in Organizational Management, extensive training in social entrepreneurship and small business and as a two time business owner herself, she now supports coaches and holistic practitioners across the nation to create a conscious, sustainable business, the first time around. She is passionate about supporting holistic practitioners to get out of their own way and create a clear pathway to getting clients and getting paid.

Kate Pintor is a master strengths coach and trainer. She helps millennial entrepreneurs unlock their momentum by creating a strengths-based strategy for self-mastery and business development.  Kate is currently joining the top 5% of strengths coaches in the world with her recent training with Strengths Strategy. From her education in communication at the University of Southern Maine, to the high honors awards earned in transformational leadership, Kate also brings a unique “urgency” to the coaching process from her experience overcoming a devastating diagnosis (RSD/CRPS). She is dedicated to helping men and women break-up with their sabotaging and limiting mindsets to intentionally create their personal mark on people and planet. With over 17 years in business development, Kate brings the clarity and creativity necessary for her clients’ to achieve their personal and professional “next level”..

See What People Are Saying About The Course!

“The course was really great, and the timings on the videos were perfect which kept me engaged. The videos felt so thoughtful and each section provided an “ah ha!” moment. Even if you feel you cannot relate to a topic in your position (ex: I’m an employee not an entrepreneur) there’s something there for you to learn. The handouts are JACKPOT! Not only are they visually appealing, the information is clear and easily remembered and understood. You gals are some serious rock stars.”

“These ladies are amazing. They bring such wisdom, expertise, and personal experience to a topic that often hides in the shadows of entrepreneurship. If you feel stuck in your business, overwhelmed in your daily life, or just have an inkling that there are patterns and histories that may be affecting the present moment, this course is for you.”

“I am a business owner and stay at home mom who is constantly trying to figure out how to grow my business, while at the same time attending to my family and household responsibilities.  The Holy Shit I’m Not Crazy course brought into realization the reasons that I struggle with balance and growth due to restraints I have put upon myself.  It gave me tips and tools to knock down the excuses that I make for myself when it comes to accomplishing my goals for my business.  In my personal situation I have also dealt with addiction and parentification at an early age so I have always been the caregiver and provider for many people besides my children and spouse.  I found that during the course I learned how to prioritize my tasks and justify my worth as a business owner and not only as a caregiver.  I would recommend this course to any business owner who is struggling with realizing their own strengths and self-worth in their career path.”

“Holy Shit! can invigorate your business. Valuable insights into the hows and whys of emotional histories and their effects on entrepreneurship. Each speaker shared a unique and compelling skill set. I grieved for the trauma these women have endured. Their openness and common ground gently heals my own early wounds. I’m in awe –and appreciative of their knowledge and the ways they are helping others. Thank you!”

Give yourself the advantage. Find the courage to live on your growth edge with more ease for better results.

Because when we don’t face our current limitations & get a real knack for how they show up in our business, it shows.

  • Gain awareness of how past experiences affect your business today.
  • Stop feeling alone, crazy or deflated when getting to the next level means powering through instead of easing in.
  • Understand what’s uncomfortable about growth and stop making unconscious decisions to play safe.
  • Engage your strengths to push through the hard stuff and move forward.
  • Stop linking money to self-worth, limiting your earning potential and instead experience the awesome opportunities and joys money can bring.

This course will help you initiate substantial inner change so you can learn to surf your growth edge and gain real success (no prior surfing experience necessary, promise). From recognizing the universality & science of how stress, trauma, & abuse can affect how you show up, to giving you actual tools to deal with the trauma gremlins, to marketing strategy, to honing in on your strengths to move forward purposefully & confidently—we’ve got you.

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